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Bocchi the Rock! it would already have more cultural impact than K-On!

Shirai Music is a musical instrument store located in Toyohashi City, Aichi Prefecture in Japan, which became a trend due to a recent statement stating that the cultural impact of Bocchi the Rock! is considerably higher than it had K-On! at its best, at least as far as music is concerned.

The shop post wrote:

  • We are a musical instrument store that experienced the era of “K-ON!” in its prime, but from the perspective of this business, the influence that “Bocchi the Rock!” has been considerably higher. The influence of the self-described “Guitar Hero” has definitely invited many to want to play the guitar.
  • “K-ON!” it had a completely different influence in terms of the interest of the population and age groups. It’s just similar to those years when the Hide and Hotei models were the sensation, but at a much lower level. So, everyone who wants to try playing the guitar, go to your nearest music store.
  • Finally, in the general opinion of Shirai Music: “From the point of view of the music business, such a great interest in this industry on the part of society has never been seen before.“.
Bocchi the Rock!

Of course, this drew comments from fans, noting:

  • «I think it has to do with the fact that the way we view late-night anime is changing. Now it’s great, before you either watched it in real time or you recorded it, but now you can subscribe and watch it whenever you want. I was in my third year of high school when K-On! was on, but not everyone watched anime at dawn. I’m sure most students see it now».
  • «This difference is interesting. I guess, among fans of K-On! of the time, there was probably no one who thought “I want to be like Yui Hirasawa!”, while the Bocchi the Rock! They really aspire to overcome the challenges of her as the protagonist».
  • «I definitely remember being a big fan of the Club de Música Ligera, but I don’t remember having the intention of buying any instrument.».
  • «Well, in K-On! they barely played music».
  • «They all have really cool instruments, but for me, Ryo-chan’s bass is the best. The harmony of the sound is overwhelming, but I love it. It is as if the instrument has become part of your body».
  • «It probably has to do with Bocchi the Rock! describes the musical instruments so carefully and that the bonus book even explains why each character has each instrument makes you think the author knew what he was doing».
  • «I think in the era of K-On! there was only interest in buying merchandise from the series, not the musical instruments they played».
  • «I’m from the generation that watched K-On! in real time, but I don’t remember liking it very much. K-On! It’s a musical anime, but it focuses more on moe and retellings of life than it should. I think those of us who spent our youth with Japanese rock from the nineties to two thousand will really like Bocchi the Rock!».
  • «In my opinion, K-On! has an air of putting guitars for fashion, but Bocchi the Rock! really makes you want to learn to play».

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