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Chainsaw Man fans say goodbye to one of the characters

The article “Chainsaw Man fans say goodbye to one of the characters” contains spoilers for the most recent episode of Chainsaw Man. Viewer discretion is advised.

The anime adaptation of Chainsaw Man continues to be one of the most popular series of the season of Autumn-2022 (October-December), and each new episode manages to enter the trends in social networks for its content. Last week it was Himeno throwing up on Denji during a French kiss, and this week Himeno takes center stage again, but in a completely different way.

Chainsaw Man

After the appearance of the new threat “Katana Man”, the group of our protagonists begins to be overwhelmed by its power, which forces Himeno to offer her entire body to use the full power of the Ghost Demon, with whom she has a contract. This implies his own death, and although the Phantom Demon manages to overwhelm Katana Man with his presence, it was not enough. The episode closes with Aki Hayakawa looking at Himeno’s clothes on the floor, since she has disappeared.

Being Chainsaw Man a series of only twelve episodes, some would think that it is difficult to establish a “bond” with the characters and feel bad when they dieHowever, it seems that the series has had a convincing narrative, since many opinions can be read on social networks about these events, highlighting:

  • «When I looked at Himeno’s death in the manga, it seemed to me that it happened too fast. Still, it’s still an amazing scene!».
  • «The real Chainsaw Man starts now. Prepare to discover the twisted mind of Tatsuki Fujimoto».
  • «I read the manga, and I still hadn’t gotten over this death. Goodbye Himeno».
  • «Goodbye Himeno, here begins Chainsaw Man».
  • «The death flags were already smelled, this only ended up confirming it».
  • «The first blow to the hearts of the fans, but not the last, I assure you.».
  • «The real Chainsaw Man begins! Anime fans are excited, but we manga readers are here to rekindle our slump!».
  • «What the fuck just happened?».
  • «How come I didn’t see the alliance as a flag of death? I’ve read Fire Punch, I should have expected this».
  • «As painful as the first time I read it».
  • «I forgot the train scene was so early. This episode was a blow to the guts».
  • «I never thought that Himeno’s death would hurt me so much».

By the way, regarding the scene of Makima’s murder, we reserve comments, as it turns out that manga readers are making too many spoilers about it.

Of course, the series changes its ending sequence with each episode. On this occasion it was the turn of TK from Ling Tosite Sigure with the theme “First Death”, and the entire sequence pays tribute to Himeno and Aki Hayakawa.

Synopsis for Chainsaw Man

The story takes place in a world where Demons threaten the peace of humans, making them targets to be eliminated. Denji is a depressed young man who has sold several of his organs and works as a lumberjack and demon hunter to pay off his late father’s debt. Denji owns a dog (which is also a demon) named Pochita, who has chainsaws and which he uses to do his work.

This is explained because humans can make contracts with demons. After returning home from a job, Denji is called by a Yakuza to infiltrate a building and kill another demon. However, the plan was a trap to assassinate him as part of a Yakuza contract with the demon, gaining them more power. But Pochita comes to Denji’s aid and bonds with him, becoming a half-man, half-demon and acquiring Pochita’s chainsaws.

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