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COMPASS: Combat Providence Analysis System video game will have an anime

A press release reported that the video game for smartphones developed by NHN PlayArt, COMPASS: Combat Providence Analysis SystemIt will have an anime adaptation. Production details and release date will be announced soon, however, the promotional video already gives a glimpse of the animation style chosen by the production.

The video game was released in December 2016 on mobile devices, and in January 2020 it had already exceeded ten million cumulative downloads. “COMPASS: Combat Providence Analysis System” is a real-time online strategy game in which three players form a team and fight against other teams to capture points located on a virtual map. A battle lasts three minutes.

Furthermore, to prepare for battles, players can collect ability cards that allow for a variety of strategies through different card combinations and arm themselves with the strongest deck. This is a player vs. player game of a whole new genre, where elements of action games, strategy games, and card games are condensed and packed into three-minute long battles.

Synopsis of COMPASS: Combat Providence Analysis System

COMPASS stands for Combat Providence Analysis System. #COMPASS is a game set in a fictional social media world, where players communicate through battles. It works like a real social network and not only allows players to battle, but also provides them with a platform to discuss strategies and exchange information about in-game competitions/events.

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