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Disney has no plans to bring Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War to Latin America

October 10, 2022 has arrived and that means that the anime has finally been released Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War (Bleach: Sennen Kessen-hen), marking the return of the anime adaptation of the manga by Tite Kubo. bleach, after a decade of absence. Of course, this is for the Japanese and a very few countries, since the rest of the world will have to wait weeks, or perhaps months, to see this series legally through the means at its disposal. The Walt Disney Company.

Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War

And all of Latin America is no exception, so fans have had to resort to “not so legal options” to watch the long-awaited return of the animated franchise. And how do we know that Disney did not take Latin America into consideration? It turns out that the platforms’ help services Disney Plus Y StarPlusboth owned by the company, recently resolved the doubts and made one thing clear: there are no plans to bring the series to Latin America at the moment.

This not only confirms that the series will in no way have a simulcast for our region (that is, watch the episodes legally on the day of its premiere), but we don’t even know which platform to hire to access it. It turns out that in Latin America services Disney Plus Y StarPlus are offered separately (in some regions, Star Plus is part of Disney Plus), so We have to wait for the official announcement to see on which Miguelito Mouse platform we have to go see Bleach.

Regarding the answers, it seems that the platforms did not expect a shower of negative criticism towards what perhaps it is one of the most disastrous and naive marketing decisions so far this year, since they immediately delete your posts. After all, How the hell do you think that Bleach fans will wait an indefinite time to see the series legally? Did no one think that absolutely everyone would resort to piracy?

  • Response from Disney Plus:

Synopsis for Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War

Was it all a coincidence or was it inevitable? Ichigo Kurosaki obtained the powers of a Soul Reaper through a chance encounter. As a Substitute Soul Reaper, Ichigo found himself caught up in the turmoil of Soul Society, a place where departed souls gather. But with the help of his friends, Ichigo overcame all challenges to become even stronger. When new Soul Reapers and a new enemy appear in his hometown of Karakura, Ichigo returns to the battlefield with his Zanpakuto to help those in need. Meanwhile, Soul Society observes a sudden increase in the number of Hollows being destroyed in the World of the Living.

They also receive separate reports from residents in the Rukon District who have gone missing. Finally, the Seireitei, home of the Reapers of Souls, is attacked by a group calling themselves the Wandenreich. Led by Yhwach, the father of all Quincies, the Wandenreich declare war on the Soul Reapers with the following message: “Within five days, Soul Society will be annihilated by the Wandenreich.” The story and the truth kept hidden by the Reapers of Souls for a thousand long years finally comes to light. All things must come to an end as Ichigo Kurosaki’s final battle begins.

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