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Eromanga Sensei could have important announcements next year

On the official site for the anime adaptation of the light novels written by Tsukasa Fushimi and illustrated by Hiro Kanzaki, eromanga senseiit was announced that the animated franchise will have a special event on March 4, 2023 in Japancommemorating the release of the compilation Blu-ray Disc BOX, scheduled for January 25, 2023, also in Japan.

The event, tentatively titled as “Special Event to Commemorate the Release of ‘Eromanga Sensei Blu-ray Disc BOX“, will feature the main voice cast, which includes akane fujita (Sagiri Izumi’s voice), Yoshitsugu Matsuoka (Izumi Masamune’s voice), and Minami Takahashi (Elf Yamada’s voice). In fact, the Blu-ray Disc BOX will have a preferential pass for the purchase of tickets, so fans are wondering if the franchise will have major announcements during its making.

eromanga sensei

Fushimi and Kanzaki published the light novels through the publishing label Dengeki Bunko from the publisher kadokawa since December 2013, and finished them in August 2022 with a total of thirteen volumes. Rin’s manga adaptation was published through the magazine Monthly Comic Dengeki Daioh from May 2014 to May 2021.

The work inspired a twelve-episode animated adaptation produced by the studios A-1 Picturesunder the direction of Ryohei Takeshita and scripts written by Tatsuya Takahashireleased in April 2017. A two-episode OVA was released in January 2019. The adaptation covered the first three volumes of the work and some other arcs of later volumes. (at least until the seventh), however, franchise insiders recommend reading the novel from the beginning, as many things in the novel are treated significantly differently than the anime in terms of chronology, character involvement, and motivation.

Eromanga Sensei Synopsis

One year ago, Sagiri Izumi became Masamune Izumi’s half-sister. But the sudden death of her parents tore apart her new family, causing Sagiri to shut herself away from her brother and her society. While worrying about what’s left of his family, Masamune begins to make a living as a light novel author with a slight problem: he’s never actually seen or met its illustrator, the well-known Eromanga-sensei, famous for his illustrations. extremely erotic.

After an embarrassing chain of events, Masamune finds out that his own sister was his illustrator all this time! As new characters and challenges enter his life, Masamune and Sagiri must together face the monster that represents the light novel industry. Eromanga-sensei will follow the development of their relationship and their struggle for success.

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