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Genshin Impact anime story could be a prequel

In comment forums in China, an alleged leak has been circulating since last month with details about the collaboration between the video game Genshin Impact and studies ufotable. It should be remembered that this was announced as “a long-term collaboration”, so to date it is not sure if it will be promotional shorts or an anime adaptation, either short or long episodes.

According to rumour, the project would tell a prequel story to the main project, before the appearance of the main characters Aether and Lumine, specifically in the so-called “War of the Archons”. Then it would advance towards the end of the aforementioned war, the arrival of the two characters in question (as shown in the promotional video), the adventure across the continent of Teyvat, the destruction of the Kingdom of Khaenri’ah 500 years ago, and finally the opening of the game itself.

In other details outside the story, the project has been underway for eighteen months, with a quarter of the planned twelve episodes of the so-called “Mondstadt Arc” having already been completed.. In addition, the comment also includes a personal opinion that praises the story and the visual effects, ensuring that “it makes you want to see more and more.” However, it should be noted that this is all an alleged leak, and there is no official confirmation to validate it.

Description of Genshin Impact

Welcome to Teyvat, a fantastical continent where countless creatures thrive in harmony. Ruled by seven Archons, this world is a place where the seven elements converge… Two twins arrive from another world. A deity appears in front of you, separates you and makes you fall into a deep sleep. When you wake up, the world is no longer the same as you used to… Thus begins your journey in Teyvat to seek answers from The Seven, the elemental gods. Explore every corner of this wondrous world, join forces with a wide cast of characters, and unravel the many hidden mysteries…

Climb mountains, cross rivers, soar high and low, and take in breathtaking scenery. Whether you discover a wandering Seelie or a mysterious device, there will always be something waiting for you. Will it be a pleasant surprise, or an unexpected accident? Master the Anemo, Electro, Hydro, Pyro, Cryo, Dendro, and Geo elements to trigger different elemental reactions. Vision wielders control the elements in their favor to gain the upper hand in battle. Will you vaporize your enemies by combining Hydro with Pyro, charge them with Electro energy, or freeze them with Cryo? Delight in majestic landscapes, lush real-time animations, and finely detailed character movements in a fully immersive viewing experience. Lighting and weather change over time, bringing every detail of this world to life.

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