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Manga Author Retires Because His Family Doesn’t Want Him To Draw “Erotic Things”

Already in 2014, the manga artist rui takato began to draw Hagure Idol: Jigoku-henwhich is published in English under the title Booty Royale: Never Go Down Without a Fight!, but now it seems that the series has disappeared. Takato recently posted an update on Twitter with the abrupt announcement: “I will be retiring in the very near future!“.

Hagure Idol: Jigoku-hen

Eight years is a good streak for a manga series, but Takato does not retire because the sales of Hagure Idol: Jigoku-hen are in decline. To the contrary, he claims that it remains a consistent bestseller. He retires from the manga industry because he can’t continue drawing the illustrations for the series, but unlike the creator of HUNTER x HUNTER, Yoshihiro TogashiHowever, Takato’s drawing difficulties do not stem from physical ailments, nor is it that he has lost his creative spark. Instead, the reason for his withdrawal was described in his own statement:

  • Due to family circumstances at home, for the foreseeable future I won’t be in an environment where I can continue drawing manga full of boobs and sex on a monthly basis.

As you probably guessed from the title, Takato’s series is a blatantly explicit series, in which the protagonist Misora ​​finds herself drawn into an underground fighting/adult entertainment competition. Ostensibly, Takato, like many serialized manga artists, draws a lot at home, but it seems that some recent and long-term change in his life situation is incompatible with the kind of artwork that is the main selling point of Hagure Idol: Jigoku-hen.

Hagure Idol: Jigoku-hen

Takato thanks readers for their support over the nearly decade-long series, saying he is “reasonably satisfied” with the result of its erotic and action elements. He also says that he started planning his retirement as a manga artist last year, and that he already has prospects for a new job.

Takato acknowledges that he could possibly keep the series in an irregular format of short chapters, but that even this would require efforts to fit in with his new work environment, and that he is generally not very motivated to do so. He also states that if at some point in the future his work environment or his feelings about it change, he could draw the series again, but that After the next three chapters are released, readers should note that Hagure Idol: Jigoku-hen is in a state of indefinite suspension starting from chapter 104.

Synopsis for Hagure Idol: Jigoku-hen

A fun and sexy manga by Rui Takato of Mikarun X fame is the story of Misora ​​Haebaru, an 18-year-old karate expert from Okinawa who went to Tokyo to enter the entertainment industry in hopes of keeping her his family. She is tricked into becoming a TV idol who wears raunchy clothes and is forced into the world of adult movies, but she won’t give up without a fight! Another great ecchi manga from Rui Takato, with over 150 pages of fanservice, erotic scenes, and great combat.

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