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Minami-ke will have an important announcement this month

On the official Twitter account for the manga written and illustrated by Koharu Sakuraba, minami-ke, a special message was published informing that the multimedia franchise will have an important announcement this month. The message, however, includes the hashtag “#過度な期待はしないでくださいwhich translates as “#Don’tWaitToo Muchso the surprise might not be that relevant.


Koharu Sakuraba began publishing the manga through the magazine Weekly Young Magazine in March 2004, and the publisher kodansha published the twenty-third compiled volume in March 2022. The work inspired a thirteen-episode anime adaptation produced by the studios Daume and premiered in the season of Autumn-2007 (October-December).

Later a second season of thirteen episodes was produced, titled Minami-ke: Okawari and produced by studios Asreadpremiered in the season of Winter-2008 (January-March)followed by a third season of thirteen episodes produced by the same studio and released in the season of Winter-2009 (January-March). Then there was a fourth season of thirteen episodes produced by the studios feeltitled Minami-ke: Tadaima and premiered in the season of Winter-2013 (January-March).

Synopsis of Minami-ke

Three sisters live in the “Minami Residence”: the strict and diligent older sister, Haruka; the airy, animated head, Kana; and the youngest, Chiaki, whose sharp tongue spares no one. Living without adult supervision, the sisters share the workload of the kitchen and laundry, as well as the occasional romantic adventure. From fighting chronic laziness to going out with friends, there’s never a dull day at the Minami Residence.

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