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More clues emerge about a possible anime for Undead Unluck

Different sources reported the registration of the internet domain ( from Japan, which would be directly related to some upcoming project to be announced for the manga written and illustrated by Yoshifumi Tozuka, Undead Unluck. However, it should be noted that this is not the only time something has been reported in this regard, since the domain ( since last March, also from Japan.

Therefore, it is recommended to maintain a level of skepticism regarding Internet domain registrations, as they are something that practically anyone can buy anywhere in the world, including Japan.

Undead Unluck

For his part, Tozuka began publishing the manga in the magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump from the publisher Shueisha in January 2020. The publisher published the twelfth compilation volume on July 4, followed by the thirteenth on September 2 in Japan. The work was awarded the highest prize in the sixth edition of the awards Tsugi ni Kuru Manga Taishou. This event honors works that “promise to have great success in the future“.

Synopsis for Undead Unluck

After reading the conclusion of her favorite manga series, Fuuko Izumo finally feels ready to end her existence. For the past 10 years, she Fuuko has been afflicted with a condition that brings extreme misfortune to anyone who touches her. This has had a drastic effect on her surroundings, and has even inadvertently caused the deaths of those around her, including her parents. While standing on a bridge over the train tracks, Fuuko is touched by a strange man, causing her to break her base and drop it in front of an oncoming train.

However, when Fuuko finds the man’s corpse, she discovers that his body is regenerating and that he comes back to life. The man, whom Fuuko calls Andy, is immortal and, like her, also wishes to die. At first, her Fuuko is reluctant, but she eventually decides to team up with Andy to give him the best kill possible; But a mysterious organization lurks in the shadows, hoping to take advantage of the duo’s uncanny abilities.

Font: WSJ Manga

© 戸塚慶文 (著) / SHUEISHA 集英社

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