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Okashi na Tensei Light Novels Getting Anime Adaptation

The editorial TO Books issued a press release announcing that the light novels written by Koryū Nozomu and illustrated by syuri yasuyuki, Okashi na Tensei: Saikyou Pâtissier Isekai Kourin (Sweet Reincarnation), will have an anime adaptation. Production details and release date will be announced soon.

Okashi na Tensei

Koryu and Syuri began publishing the light novels through the imprint TO Books in October 2015, and a manga adaptation by Seiko Iida is published through the digital service cartoon crown since December 2017. This is the writer’s debut work, so it is not possible to write a paragraph with his background.

synopsis of Okashi na Tensei: Saikyou Pâtissier Isekai Kourin

9-year-old pastry chef Mille Morteln is both his father’s heir and the reincarnation of a dissatisfied pastry chef. Although he dreams of a land full of sweets, there is much to do first! From learning how to fight, to mastering his new magical talents, to doing his best to defend his village from bandits, and yet all he really wants to do is bake the perfect apple pie… Pastry chef Mille Morteln has a lot of work to do. ahead in his Sweet Reincarnation.

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