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SPY x FAMILY will premiere its second season this fall

During the event “2023 Taipei International Comics & Animation Festival“, the co-founder of WIT Studio, Nakatake Tetsuyamentioned that the production of the new projects of SPY x FAMILYwhich includes both the original story feature film and the second season, is doing quite well, and is scheduled to premiere during the upcoming fall season in Japan (considering the hemisphere, it would be between September and December of this year).

Twitter user “@_mika60_” was in charge of the translation of the fragment dedicated to SPY x FAMILYand his network thread wrote:

  • The first animation cels shown in the backdrop are from the fifth episode of the first season, during the fight between Loid and Yor. Chief animation director Asano Kyoji says that since this part was original, they wanted to add more action/battle sequences.
  • The following are also from the fifth episode, when Loid dresses Anya in the pilot outfit. Asano Kyoji said that her biggest specialty/goal is to portray Anya with maximum cuteness. Nakatake Tetsuya says that, due to Anya’s size, it is easy to pick her up and carry her on her shoulder.
  • Below, Asano Kyoji presents character design sheets by Shimada Kazuaki of CloverWorks. Asano’s job as Chief Animation Director is to ensure that character designs and their subsequent renderings by team animators are up to standard and accurate.
  • The next panel shows Anya’s countless expressions. Asano pointed to all the ones he had drawn himself. He said that he also felt very happy illustrating them. The next section shows weapon skins, including the rocket launcher that didn’t appear in the manga!
  • The last section shows some SPY x FAMILY storyboards. Line drawings are actually much more detailed than the final product, but having more complexity up front helps the final animation appear fluid and detailed.
  • Nakatake says that the way Loid collapsed on the couch is probably familiar to anyone raising children. Many real-life parents probably hunker down in this state after a hard day at work.

The first season of twenty-five episodes was divided into two parts, with the first airing in the season of Spring-2022 (April-June)and the second airing in the season of Autumn-2022 (October-December). For his part, Tatsuya-Endo began publishing the manga through the website Shōnen Jump Plus from the publisher Shueisha in March 2019.

Synopsis of SPY x FAMILY

For the agent known as “Twilight”, no order is too high if it is for the sake of peace. Operating as Westalis’ master spy, Twilight works tirelessly to prevent extremists from unleashing a war with neighboring Ostania. For his latest mission, he must investigate Ostanian politician Donovan Desmond by infiltrating his son’s school: the prestigious Eden Academy. Thus, the agent faces the most difficult task of his career: getting married, having a child and playing family.

Twilight, or “Loid Forger,” quickly adopts humble orphan Anya to play the role of a six-year-old daughter and a prospective student at Eden Academy. As a wife, she meets Yor Briar, a distracted office worker who needs a fake partner to impress her friends. However, Loid is not the only one with a hidden nature. Yor is actually the deadly assassin “Thorn Princess” and for her, marrying Loid creates the perfect cover. Meanwhile, Anya is not the ordinary girl that she appears to be; she is an esper, the product of secret experiments that allow her to read minds. Although she discovers her true identities, Anya is thrilled that her new parents are great secret agents! She would never tell them, of course. That would ruin the fun.

Font: @_mika60_ on Twitter


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