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The author of Nana hopes to be able to draw again soon

The portal Nippon News Network published an excerpt from an interview with Ai Yazawaauthor of the popular manga lullaby, which has been held indefinitely suspended for more than thirteen years. In this interview the author explained why she accepted the plans to do the most recent special exhibition that is taking place in Japan and she dedicated a few words to her fans.

Regarding why he decided to hold the exhibition, he explained:

  • The editor in charge of Shueisha suggested it to me. I am very grateful to have been contacted despite my long absence. I was looking forward to it, but I hope that I can create a place where readers who are waiting for the resumption can enjoy it to the fullest. We decided to hold the event because we thought it would be a good idea.

And in the message dedicated to her fans, Yazawa stressed that she is not yet in a position to resume the work, but that the exhibition and the previous preparations have motivated her:

  • Thank you for all your support. Thanks to all those who have continued reading my work we have been able to celebrate this exhibition. I sincerely regret the many years that have passed since “Nana” went on hiatus, and the concern this has caused you. I felt that I had regained more physical strength than before while working on the preparations for the exhibition with the sole intention of making it enjoyable for everyone. From now on, I hope that my health will continue to improve and I will return to drawing little by little. Best regards.

Yazawa began publication of the manga through the magazine cookies from the publisher Shueisha in May 2000, and entered an indefinite hiatus in May 2009, which to date still persists. Up to that point, the publisher published a total of twenty-one compilation volumes, and the work inspired a 47-episode anime adaptation produced by the studios. mad house and released in April 2006 in Japan, followed by two live-action films in 2005 and 2006.

Synopsis for Nana

Setting out from their respective hometowns, two young men with identical names team up in their search for new beginnings. With her heart set on going to Tokyo, Nana Komatsu dreams of a happy love, while Nana Osaki aspires to have a successful music career. The first of hers has a cheerful and friendly character, but her naivety has diverted her romantic life until she meets her reliable boyfriend -Shouji Endo. Undeterred by Shouji’s decision to study in Tokyo, Nana works hard to earn enough money to follow him there.

Meanwhile, his namesake is a lonely punk vocalist whose passionate affair with her band’s bassist, Ren Honjou, comes to a sudden end. Though heartbroken, Nana bravely looks forward and travels to the capital with the ambition of becoming a renowned artist. Shortly after arriving in Tokyo, the girls cross paths again due to an unexpected coincidence that leads them to live under the same roof. As they grow closer, the two strive to support each other as they fight to carve out a future for themselves.

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