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The Bartender manga will have a new anime adaptation

A press release reported that the manga written by Araki Joh and illustrated by Kenji Nagatomo, bartendingwill have a new anime project. The statement did not reveal the details, so at the moment it is unknown if it will be a television series, a movie or a simple OVA.

As part of the announcement, the anime is also working on a new project called “BAR Katsu” to support the enjoyment of bars and alcohol. Projects that are part of the collaboration will help explain the appeal of bars and alcohol, and include a community website called BAR Katsu BASE.


Araki Joh Y Kenji Nagatomo they started publishing the manga in the magazine superjump from the publisher Shueisha in December 2004, and they finished it in December 2011 with a total of twenty-one compiled volumes published. The play has already inspired an eleven-episode anime adaptation produced by PalmStudio and released in October 2006 in Japan, although obviously, when analyzing the dates, it was made very early in the publication of the manga.

bartending synopsis

Located in the Ginza district of Tokyo is Eden Hall, a laid-back bar that few people run into. It is run by legendary bartender Ryu Sasakura, a genius at mixing the right drink for the right customer. Throughout his time at Eden Hall, customers from all walks of life, with all kinds of burdens, come for a god drink in the Hall and a few kind words with Ryu, which helps them clear their troubles. and revive to move on with life.

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