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The popular anime Lycoris Recoil could have a sequel

the japanese medium Febri published the second part of an interview conducted with shingo adachidirector, creator and writer of the original anime produced by the studios A-1 Pictures, Lycoris Recoil. The series was one of the big surprises of the season of Summer-2022 (July-September) in Japan, and has amassed tens of thousands of copies sold with its physical packages. In this second part of the interview, the director is questioned about the end of the story and his future intentions with this franchise.

  • Although the Lycoris Recoil story ends with a happy ending, it was also somewhat unsettling as Majima is also portrayed as a survivor. Why did he decide to do it like this?
  • Majima’s portrayal as a survivor was not actually in the script phase. I added it on the storyboard myself, because I felt like that scene should have been there. The 1,000 weapons that Majima had dispersed were not fully recovered, and society was still in uncertainty.because neither the DA (Direct Attack) nor Majima found another way to fix the matter than by sharing the consequences.
  • Is it because the DA isn’t absolutely fair and Majima isn’t completely evil?
  • That’s what I mean. In a world where the DA runs everything, that’s bad, right? Interestingly, what Majima, the villain of this series, says is actually the most correct thing (laughs). The credo of the DA is, let’s say, “the greatest happiness for the greatest number”, that is, utilitarianism. But the price to pay is a society in which minorities are increasingly marginalized, and the question is whether that is justice. However, the more I thought about representingr these things, the further away I got from entertainment, so I tried to keep it just a detail.
Lycoris Recoil
  • Lycoris Recoil Episode 13 concludes with a scene in Hawaii, where the “Lyco-Rico Cafe” opens its doors. In Principal Adachi’s mind, how does he imagine Chisato and the others after that?
  • I don’t think Chisato and the others will stay in Hawaii for long, and I think they’re all just there for vacation. Chisato will definitely want to travel abroad, and I think it’s just a light-hearted way of saying, “let’s serve Mika’s coffee to the locals anyway”. I think on my own that he intends to return quite soon, as his regular customers will be waiting for him at the store when he returns to Japan.
  • I see. So, as a viewer, I would expect a further story…
  • As we’ve already talked a bit, if there’s an enthusiastic call from the fans, I think some sort of future development for Lycoris Recoil is possible. Fortunately, we received a lot of support, and I wish I could have taken the next step immediately, but we didn’t expect it (laughs). Anyway, I just came back from a tough battle, broken, so it’s really hard to be asked to return to the fight immediately (laughs).
  • This was your first animation as a director, what did you think of directing it?
  • Frankly, I thought that being a director is not a very rewarding job. When I look back, all that comes to mind are memories of hard work (laughs). If you’re an animator, even if the anime fails, you can say, “I did a good job on the part I took over…” But that’s not the case for a director. Also, this time I even wrote the script myself, so I can’t make any excuses. If it fails, it’s 100% my fault, so I still think the world is very harsh. The situation makes it difficult to take the opportunity to thank the staff and cast for their hard work, which is why I’m still not happy to be a director. Maybe with a little more time I will change my way of thinking.
  • If you dared to mention a happy memory, what would it be?
  • This was a discovery for me, but the most fun was when I was thinking about the lines of the characters. This time it was an original story, so I was free to tweak the dialogue both in the script and on the storyboard, which was a great pleasure. I think it would be difficult with an adaptation, so if I have the opportunity to direct again, I would prefer an original work. I would like to experience again the true pleasure of writing dialogues.
  • Lastly, do you have any message for your fans?
  • Thank you very much for your enthusiastic support so far. As an animator, I’ve spent a lot of time on production locations and figured out the best way to do things. I tried many different ways of thinking and workflows that were outside of the industry norm, and I’m so glad I was lucky enough to have so many people support me. I would like to continue to nurture this work with great care if possible, so please continue to support me.

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