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The seinen manga Majo to Yajuu could be adapted to anime

A leak from Weibo claimed that the manga written and illustrated by Kousuke Satake, Majo to Yajuu (The Witch and the Beast), will have an anime adaptation. The leak also included the cover of the tenth compilation volume, which will be released on August 19 in Japan, the date on which some official confirmation would be expected.

Majo to Yajuu

Kousuke Satake the publication of the manga began in the magazine Young Magazine the 3rd from the publisher Kodansha in November 2016. The publisher published the ninth compiled volume in January 2022, and will publish the tenth on August 19 in Japan. After the publication of the last edition of the magazine Young Magazine the 3rdserialization moved to magazine Monthly Young Magazine in April 2021.

Synopsis for Majo to Yajuu

Ashaf – A soft-spoken man with delicate features, a coffin strapped to his back, and an entourage of black ravens. Guideau – A wild and violent girl with long fangs and beast eyes. This ominous couple appears one day in a town enslaved by a witch, a ruler with magic that runs through her tattooed body and has convinced the townspeople that she is her hero. But Ashaf and Guideau know better. They live by a creed: “Where a witch goes, only curses and disasters follow.” They have scores to settle, and they won’t hesitate to take down anyone who gets in their way, be it an angry mob or an army garrison.

Font: Weibo

© 佐竹幸典 (著) / KODANSHA 講談社

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