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The VTuber Kizuna AI will have its own anime in 2023

The company isaribi announced that the anime project based on YouTuber and Virtual Idol, Kizuna AIwill be titled Kizuna no Allele and will be released in 2023 in Japan. The press release also revealed a promotional illustration made by in Morikura (who designed the VTuber), and a screenshot from the anime.

Kizuna AI began his activities on YouTube with the channel “AIChannel” in 2016. Since then, it has become the most iconic VTuber worldwide and has even been included in the “List of World Respected Japanese People” posted by Newsweek Japan. His main channel exceeds 3 million subscribers, while his other channel “AIGames” accumulates another 1.51 million. Her accomplishments are still unmatched by other members of the milieu, having appeared on TV shows and commercials, as well as performing as a musical artist.

In April 2020, Kasuga Nozomi signed on as a consultant Kizuna AI Co., Ltd., confirming that she was the original voice of the VTuber. The company was formed by Activ8, the agency that represented Kizuna AI and other VTubers from the very beginning. On the other hand, the VTuber planning team announced that the concert “Kizuna AI The Last Live ‘Hello, World 2022’” on February 26 would be his last concert before an indefinite suspension of activities was entered.

The staff cited an update from “future activities with the aim of further developing Kizuna AI” as the reason for the suspension of activities. The concert also unveiled Kizuna (#KZN)an original AI from CeVIO who sings #KZN this “serving as a hub to connect with everyone and support Kizuna AI and creators while he is resting“. The designer of the original character of the VTuber, in Morikuradesigned the AI ​​with the concept art of the character from Keigo Inoue.

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