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These are the Key anime that have made the Japanese cry the most

the japanese portal netlab conducted a poll among its readers with the question «What is the Key anime that has made you cry the most?», between July 16 and 23 this year in Japan. The survey collected responses from anime productions made by Key/Visual Artswhere projects such as CLANNAD, Kanon, AIRamong other.

The vote was open to eleven television animation works based on the original works of Key/Visual Arts. Works based on the same original story, but produced by different anime production companies, are listed as separate works at the voting points. The survey also covered the original anime written by the scriptwriter Jun Maedawho is also a member of Key/VisualArts.

10. Prima Doll

  • Synopsis: Kuronekotei: a cafe located in the fifth district of the imperial capital. The girls who work there are autonomous mechanical dolls, also known as automatons. They were originally created as weapons for the great war that ended a few years ago. Now, they seek new roles in a peaceful world.

9. Kanon (Toei Animation)

  • Synopsis: It has been 7 years since Yuuichi Aizawa visited his aunt Akiko, but now that his parents have gone to Africa to pursue their careers, he has finally returned to the small northern town. However, Yuuichi is not too happy about the prospect of living here, because all his memories of this place and the people who live in it have mysteriously vanished. Her cute cousin Nayuki also seems like a stranger, even though he used to play with her all the time when they were younger.


  • Synopsis: Kazamatsuri, a modern and well-developed city famous for its flourishing greenery and rich Japanese culture, is the home of Kotarou Tennouji, a high school student unaware of the shared values ​​of the place. Content to line his pockets with frivolity, the proud and nosy boy spends his time pestering the self-proclaimed delinquent Haruhiko, and indulging in his loving feelings for the strange Kotori. Gifted with the superhuman ability to permanently rewrite any part of his body to multiply his strength or speed, Kotarou is naturally drawn to the supernatural. A special encounter with the only member and president of the Occult Research Club, the “witch” Akane Senri, leads Kotarou to revive the Occult Club by recruiting Kotori and three other members: the clumsy transfer student Chihaya, the strict class representative Lucia, and the modest Shizuru. As Kotarou uncovers the hidden secrets of each member of the Occult Club through their shared adventures, he will inevitably meet a fate that only he can rewrite.

7. Kamisama ni Natta Hi (The Day I Became a God)

  • Synopsis: Dressed in a flashy outfit and armed with an eccentric spirit, Hina Satou goes around insisting she’s the Asgardian god “Odin.” When she crosses paths with a boy named Youta Narukami, she uses her precognition abilities to warn him of an impending catastrophe that threatens the end of the world. But as a teenager worried about his problems, Youta finds it hard to believe such an absurd statement. Somehow, he is forced to tag along on her pranks, and he witnesses the effectiveness of Hina’s abilities with her own eyes and realizes that she really is capable of scrying. However, despite her insistence on being a god, she Hina is still a child who wants to see and experience the wonders that her life has to offer. With the world ending in 30 days, Hina, Youta, and her friends venture out to create lasting memories they will cherish forever.

6. Kanon (Kyoto Animation)

  • Synopsis: As a child, Aizawa Yuuichi had often visited his cousin in the city; however, something drastic happened to keep him away for seven long years. Now when Yuuichi returns, the memories of him from those days have simply disappeared. Settling in the wintry town, Yuuichi meets several young girls, all of whom are related to his past. As he befriends them and continues to interact with them, long-forgotten childhood memories of him begin to resurface…


  • Synopsis: If it wasn’t for his ability to take over people’s minds and bodies, Yuu Otosaka would be an ordinary high school student. Although it only lasts five seconds, Yuu’s mysterious power has allowed him to top his class and enter a prestigious high school, where he continues his dishonest acts. His pranks are stopped by Nao Tomori, the headstrong student council president of Hoshinoumi Academy, who realizes his deception. Through her coercion, Nao convinces Yuu to move to Hoshinoumi and join the student council. Hoshinoumi Academy is an institution created in secret for teenagers who possess supernatural abilities, and the student council serves as a means of tracking down those who abuse their powers. With Yuu reluctantly helping out with the council’s business, the group sets out to find and protect new ability users from harm. However, as they investigate the abilities, their discoveries embroil them in matters far more complicated than they could imagine.

4. Little Busters!

  • Synopsis: As a child, Riki Naoe shut himself out from the world, thanks to a diagnosis of narcolepsy after the tragic death of his parents. However, Riki is saved when, one fateful day, a boy named Kyousuke recruits him into a team calling themselves the Little Hunters. Accompanied by Masato, Kengo, and Rin, these misfits spend their childhood fighting evil and enjoying their youth. The years go by, and even in high school, well-knit teammates stick together. Kyousuke decides to revive the Little Busters by forming a baseball team, as it will be his last school year with them. But they have a problem: there are not enough members! The tables have turned, as it is now Riki’s turn to recruit new friends for the Little Busters, just like Kyousuke did back in his day. Then, an omen appears: Rin finds a strange letter attached to his cat, in which they are assigned the duty of discovering the “secret of this world” by performing specific tasks. What is that secret and why is it hidden? The Little Hunters will have to find out.


  • Synopsis: Yukito Kunisaki sets out on a journey in search of the Winged Maiden who was bound to heaven centuries ago, after hearing an old childhood tale from his mother. As Yukito shows his puppet show to people in an attempt to earn some money, he finds himself in a small town that he didn’t expect to stay in for long. However, when he meets an unusual girl named Misuzu, things take a drastic turn when he is invited to stay with her. Staying in the quaint village, Yukito soon makes friends with the locals. As he gets to know them better, he learns of his troubles and decides to help them, putting his search for the Winged Maiden on hold. With the search for him on hold, and his growing attachment to Misuzu and the small town, will Yukito ever find the Winged Maiden, or is she closer than he thought?

2. Angel Beats!

  • Synopsis: Death is one of the many mysteries that have left humanity in the dark since the beginning of time. However, the burning question of what happens to the soul after death soon finds an answer for 17-year-old Yuzuru Otonashi. Waking up with no previous memories in a dimension between life and death, he discovers the disturbing truth of the afterlife. This strange dimension, which takes the form of an institute, is meant to house those who have met an unwanted death. Feeling aggrieved by God during their earthly lives, the school’s residents have decided to form the Battlefront of the Beyond, a rogue faction determined to oppose their student council president, Kanade “Angel” Tachibana, who is a god. The group’s leader, Yuri Nakamura, enlists Otonashi in his fight against Angel in order to take control of their own lives. However, questioning the morality behind his actions, Otonashi steps behind enemy lines to understand the opposite side of their common destiny.


  • Synopsis: Tomoya Okazaki is a delinquent who finds life boring and believes that he will never amount to anything. Along with his friend Youhei Sunohara, he skips school and plans to waste his high school days. One day, while on his way to school, Tomoya comes across a young girl who is muttering quietly to herself. Without warning, she exclaims “Anpan!” (a popular Japanese food), which catches Tomoya’s attention. He soon discovers that the girl’s name is Nagisa Furukawa and that she exclaims things she likes to motivate herself. Nagisa states that they are friends now, but Tomoya walks away from her, passing off the meeting as nothing. However, Tomoya notices that he is becoming more and more attached to Nagisa at school. Eventually he agrees and befriends her. Tomoya learns that Nagisa has been delayed a year due to a serious illness and that her dream is to revive the school’s drama club. Claiming that he has nothing better to do, he decides to help her achieve this goal along with the help of four other girls. As Tomoya spends more time with the girls, he learns more about them and their problems. As he tries to help each girl overcome their respective obstacles, he begins to realize that life is not as boring as he thought.

Font: netlab

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