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Twin Engine presents the new Plantopia project

The producer twin-engine published a promotional video as a preview of the music video of the new figure project plantopia. The video reveals and previews the song “Shitsurakuen (Paradise Lost)” of mafumafu. twin-engine, Good Smile Company Y MaxFactory collaborate on the project. nozomu kookathe project’s screenwriter, also premiered the first chapter of a serialized story for the project on the independent site Kakuyomu.

The event Smile Fest 2022 of Good Smile Company He presented the above video during the event on August 6, and the full video will premiere in October. Yuki Igarashi (Lop & Eight from Star Wars: Visions) directed the promotional video, while the project will launch a campaign in kickstarter for character figures on August 26, with plans to later expand to novels, manga, anime, and games.

Regarding art, illustrators THE M (Takt Op. Destiny, Technoroid Overmind) Y Kukka (The Tunnel to Summer, the Exit of Goodbye) are participating in the project, while nozomu kooka (Escape Speed, Jigoku ni Inore. have no ochiru) is writing the story.

About Plantopia

The companies describe the project as set in the distant future of a world teeming with plants, trees and other foliage, which has taken over the sites of past civilizations. The dominant species in this new world are the Florians, a being that combines aspects of humans and flowers. They have built their own culture, but they are also curious about the civilizations of the past. The story begins when a girl from the extinct human species is discovered and the Florians wonder how to interact with her.

Font: Comic Natalie

©Plantopia Partners

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