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Unnamed Memory romance novels could get an anime

A leak on networks ensured that the light novels written by Kuji Furumiya and illustrated by chibi, Unnamed MemoryThey will have an anime adaptation. It should be noted that the leak is unconfirmed, and that it did not reveal any production details or a scheduled release date.

Unnamed Memory

Kuji Furumiya The publication of the story began in 2008, and later the service began to publish it as well. Shousetsuka ni Narou in September 2012. Later on, it began to be published on paper through the editorial label Dengeki no Shinbungei of Kadokawa since January 2019, and ended it in April 2021 with six volumes. Additionally, a manga adaptation by the hand of Naoki Etsumi is published through the magazine Dengeki Daioh of Kadokawa from September 2020.

Synopsis for Unnamed Memory

“My wish as champion is that you come down from the tower and be my wife.” Climbing a deadly tower, Oscar seeks the power of his owner, the Witch of the Blue Moon. He hopes that her incredible magic can break a curse that will kill any woman he takes as his wife. However, when the prince sees how beautiful Tinasha is, she comes up with a better idea: since she is surely strong enough to survive her curse, she should marry him! Tinasha is not keen on the idea, but she agrees to live with Oscar in the royal castle for a year while she investigates the spell cast on the prince. However, the pretty face of the witch hides dark secrets of a lifetime, secrets that begin to resurface…

Font: SUGOI Lite

© 古宮 九時 (著), chibi (イラスト) / KADOKAWA

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